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Terms and Conditions

This is our current policy 1st March 2022 of Doctors Online App and we will review it regularly.

Our Terms & Conditions, how to access and services of Doctors Online App Ltd, including this Website ( and our mobile and tablet applications (together), you accept these terms and conditions in full, along with all other rules, policies and procedures that may be published by Doctors Online App on the Platform or otherwise communicated to you from time to time by Doctors Online App (together, the “Terms & Conditions”).

By having the services of Doctors Online App, you have to understand, accept and agree our terms and conditions. If not, then you can’t proceed or acquire any services from Doctors Online App Ltd.

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of the services detailed in our quotation (Services) by Doctors Online App Ltd. This Platform is owned and run by Doctors Online App Ltd and this company is registered in SECP (Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan) with Registration Number 0120266, its registered office is Office No. 13, 1st Floor, VIP Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad. (We or us) to the person buying the services (you).
  2. Doctors Online App Ltd is also regulated by the PMC (Pakistan Medical Council). This is independent regulator of all health and social care in Pakistan. The PMC monitors and regulates all hospitals, Doctor Practices and dental practices.
  3. You are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions when you accepted our service charges or from the date of any performance of the Services (whichever happens earlier) and these Terms and Conditions and our service charges (the Contract) are the entire agreement between us.
  4. You acknowledge that you provisionally agreed to use our services as outlined under our terms which keeps updating.
  5. Interpretation

  6. A “business day” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or a national holiday in Pakistan or special holiday i.e. National Day, Eid’s Day, Eid Milad Un Nabi and etc.
  7. The headings in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.
  8. Words imparting the singular number shall include the plural and vice-versa.
  9. Services

  10. We warrant that we will use reasonable care and skill in our performance of the Services which will comply with the quotation, including any specification in all material respects. We can make any changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement, and we will notify you if this is necessary.
  11. We will use our reasonable endeavours to complete the performance of the services within the time agreed or as set out in the service charges.
  12. All of these Terms and Conditions apply to our services unless we specify otherwise.
  13. We let individual customers, group of companies and associations in Pakistan to connect in real time, via our video streaming with doctors who are registered with the PMC to provide professional medical advice.
  14. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate client access to us at any time, without notice and without liability, if it reasonably determines you have breached our T&C.
  15. Our Terms and Conditions in regards of Healthcare Online consultation provided by our PMC certified doctors or Pakistan Physical Therapy Association (PPTA) to nationwide clients as general advice.
  16. Doctors Online App is NOT providing EMERGENCY services and if you face any urgent issues to be addressed, then please contact the local emergency centre. You must call 115 in a critical situation, such as:
    Breathing, bleeding, loss of consciousness, having a heart attack or stroke.
  17. Become a doctor with us

  18. As a Doctor, you can request to join us with your documents. We, as a company, will carry our own checks to verify your documents from the local government authority.
  19. As a Doctor, if we approved your account you will be notified accordingly and as a medical expert, you can earn money through hospital, clinic or online consultation or give free consultation to our registered patients with us. It is your duty to genuinely consult our patients in the right guidance as outlined in the documents of Doctors’ conduct according to PMC regulations underline and the law of your local government.
  20. Your obligations

  21. As a Doctor, whatever services you have provided to the patient through our portal, you should keep the records as per the local government law. We will also ensure that we keep the patient’s record through our database for as long as we will be permitted.
  22. As a doctor, it’s your duty to make sure that no conflicts of appointments arise, in case you are working in any government or private hospitals or clinics and you are consulting our patients and parallel on another side. In this situation, the Doctors Online App will not be responsible for any breach of any of your contracts apart from ours.
  23. As a doctor, it is your obligation to notify us about whatever information we can add to your profile with the Doctors Online App. The information you have provided to us for publication i.e. your reference where did you work before or your current workplace, in any case of loss or warning that why we have used their name or logo at our portal, we will not be responsible.
  24. Under these terms and conditions, we may use your Identity i.e. your profile picture in our blog and for other marketing purposes.
  25. As a Doctor, it is your responsibility to obtain our permissions, consents, licenses, or otherwise if we need and you must give us access to any and all relevant information in relation to our services
  26. We may charge for the services and if our charges chang, we will notify you directly.
  27. As a Patient, if you have booked an appointment through the Doctors Online App and if you have missed your appointment at your requested time with our registered doctor, we will not refund the service charges.
  28. As a Patient, if you get advice from our registered Doctor, the doctor's advice and the acceptance of the patient will have their mutual understanding to proceed. In any circumstances, our company will not be responsible for any advice taken or given. However, we make our best efforts to verify the authenticity of all of our registered doctors.
  29. 25. You accept and agree to all of our terms and conditions that when using the Doctors Online App, all of the medical doctors are independent medical professionals, they are individually responsible for the medical advice they offer to the clients via our Doctors Online App’s portal.
  30. If you do not comply with clause 10, we can terminate the Services.
  31. We will be liable for any delay or failure from our Services. If this is caused by your failure, then you will comply with the provisions of this section and will be responsible (Your obligations).
  32. Doctors Online App is a bridge that enables patients to consult with Approved PMC doctors on a private and self-pay basis according to your own need. Doctors Online App will automatically maintain your medical information and history in order to strengthen the client's medical history which enables the doctors to understand the client's past history. Doctors Online App will offer a free prescription
  33. Appointments

  34. Doctors Online App will not change, update or cancel client’s appointments from patient’s account unless the patient cancels themselves. The appointments can only be booked once the doctor’s availabilities are shown on our portal- otherwise, no appointment will be completed. After last Obligation
  35. Doctors Online App will display multiple options for the selected department to the patients for their alternative availability.
  36. It is the sole discretion of the client whether amending the appointment or to cancel it.
  37. Once you have taken advice from a doctor, the doctor will write a prescription for you at your patient account history if the doctor considers doing so.
  38. Doctors Online App promises and consider its legal obligations to keep the record of all clients confidential and secure.
  39. Consultation with doctor’s time schedules are subject to doctor’s availability and are only available to patients if doctors show their availability.
  40. You agreed that any medical advice/ diagnosis offered by a Doctor, through Doctors Online App, is based on your description of the symptoms affecting you or personal details which you have provided to your Doctor.
  41. Consultation & Referral

  42. We will do our best practice to make sure that our respective patients get authentic advice through our App from all doctors who are approved by PMC.
  43. You can book a number of appointments with the same doctor or different based on his/her availability
  44. After your booking, we will send you a confirmation through email about your appointment.
  45. Doctors Online App will not charge you for a prescription fee.
  46. Some medicines will not be issued by Doctors in any circumstances, which include (but it is the discretion of the Doctor) and not limited to the following medicines:
  47. Controlled medication, (strong painkillers, anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics)

    Medication that requires specialist prescribing and monitoring, Medication that needs to be administered by injection (with the exception of life-saving or life-preserving purposes)

  48. If your doctor thinks that you have to make some arrangements for any test into their or any recommended hospital to establish what exact medicine is required for the patient, it’s a patient and doctors both a mutual understanding for arrangements and no obligation on Doctors Online App Ltd.
  49. In the case of losses or having the wrong prescription by doctors, the Doctors Online App has no obligation at all.
  50. Doctors Online App has no responsibility if a doctor’s referral is declined by any other doctors or hospital.
  51. Doctors Online App will ensure that patients get better advice from our recommended doctors and hope you feeling better soon.
  52. Payment

  53. Doctors Online App will charge for online consultations for only 10-Minutes and as a courtesy, we will allow additional 5 minutes.
    1. If need more time for a consultation then you need to rebook another appointment subject to availability.
  54. We will invoice you for payment of the Fees either.
  55. When we have completed the Services:
    1. You must pay the Fees before consultation or otherwise in accordance with any credit terms agreed between us.
    2. All payments due under these Terms and Conditions must be made in full without any deduction or withholding except as required by law. We can assert any credit, set-off, or counterclaim against the other in order to justify withholding payment of any such amount in whole or in part.
  56. If you do not pay within the period set out above in clause 47 (1), we can suspend any further provision of the Services and cancel any future services which have been requested, or otherwise arranged with, you.
  57. We offer the recording of your consultation with doctors:
    1. before completing booking patient will see the recording option
    2. if you want to opt for this facility then you have to pay additional charges for this service.
    3. Once you opt for this option, after completion you will get video recording in your dashboard.
  58. Receipts for payment will be auto generated through your email.
  59. All payments must be made in local currency unless otherwise agreed in writing between us.
  60. You must have sufficient funds in your account and have valid information. If you are using your or third-party bank details for payment, he/she must accept our terms and conditions that in case of longer consultation with a doctor and the payment will be deducted accordingly what extra minutes’ slot has been used and you can ask for an explanation but can't challenge it and your auto payment invoice will be generated into your account. The Doctors Online App will not be responsible.
  61. Prescription in Online Account

  62. Doctors Online App will not accept any liabilities if the patient ensures that he /she forwards the doctor’s prescription, with alternation.
  63. You must agree and comply before making an appointment, in case of false representation is likely to result that you are not offered any services through Doctors Online App.
  64. Our prescription format is electronic and will be advised by consulting doctors what he/she suggested after consultation.
  65. Sub-Contracting and assignment

  66. We can at any time assign, transfer, charge, subcontract or deal in any other manner with all or any of our rights under these Terms and Conditions and can subcontract or delegate in any manner or all of our obligations to any third party.
  67. You must not, without our prior written consent, assign, transfer, charge, subcontract or deal in any other manner with all or any of your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions.
  68. Termination

  69. We can terminate the provision of the Services immediately if you:
    1. commit a material breach of your obligations under these Terms and Conditions; or
    2. fail to make pay any amount due under the Contract on the due date for payment; or
    3. if doctors did not maintain our appointments according to our policy and our patient were not dealt with properly: or
    4. appointments were not fulfilled according to the time scheduled: or
    5. are become, in our reasonable opinion, are about to become, the subject of a bankruptcy order or to take advantage of any other statutory provision for the relief of insolvent debtor

    Intellectual property

  70. We reserve all copyright and any other intellectual property rights which may subsist in any services offered in connection with the provision of Doctors online consultation. We reserve the right to take any appropriate action to restrain or prevent the infringement of such intellectual property rights.
  71. Liability and indemnity

  72. Our liability under these Terms and Conditions, and in breach of statutory duty, and in tort or misrepresentation or otherwise, shall be limited as set out in this clause.
  73. The total amount of our liability is limited to the total amount of Fees payable by you under the Contract.
  74. We are not liable (whether caused by our employees, agents or otherwise) in connection with our provision of the Services or the performance of any of our other obligations under these Terms and Conditions or the services for:
  75. any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage, costs, or expenses or;
  76. any loss of profits; loss of anticipated profits; loss of business; loss of data; loss of reputation or goodwill; business interruption or, other third party claims; or any failure to perform any of our obligations if such delay or failure is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control; or
  77. any losses caused directly or indirectly by any failure or your breach in relation to your obligations; or
  78. any losses arising directly or indirectly from the choice of Services and how they will meet your requirements or your use of the Services or any goods supplied in connection with the Services.
  79. in spite of the fact that we endeavour to keep up with accurate information on the website and mobile Apps it may be possible to erroneous data. In the event that you trust that data found on our platform is erroneous or unapproved, please educate us by reaching us. through the Contact Us Form
  80. We are not liable for the circumstances beyond a party’s control like a natural disaster.
  81. Communications

  82. All notices under these Terms and Conditions are displayed on our online Terms and Conditions page.
  83. To use Doctor Online App, you must have an active Internet connection to seek video consultation. In case of no internet, the Doctor may call you and give you advice without a video call and he is not under obligation to make a video call for a consultation.
  84. Correspondence Update

  85. It’s your moral duty to inform us of the following changes as soon as possible:
    1. Changes in your home address.
    2. Changes in your email address
    3. Change of mobile telephone number

    No waiver

  86. No delay, act or omission by a party in exercising any right or remedy will be deemed a waiver of that, or any other, right or remedy nor stop further exercise of any other right, or remedy.
  87. Severance

  88. If one or more of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that / those provisions will be deemed severed from the remainder of these Terms and Conditions (which will remain valid and enforceable).
  89. Law and jurisdiction

  90. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted according to the law of Pakistan and all disputes arising under the Agreement (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Pakistan Courts.
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