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Refunds & Exchange Policy

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws and the competent courts of Pakistan.

Our these terms and conditions will apply to all customers who use Doctors Online App services through its platforms (Web, App, tablet) by making a payment to get consultation with our registered doctors. Kindly read our terms and conditions carefully.

Online generated a valid cancellation request within time frame as outlined in our terms and conditions and see FAQs, customer will get his / her full refund if patient doesn’t want to rescheduled his appoint for near future. The payment will be returned back into account where it was credited to Doctors Online App’s account, unless or otherwise directed by the patient along with evidence.

We don’t offer the E- Wallet service with Doctors Online App account. Once it available we will update to all our registered users.

The refunded payment will reflect back into your account within 2 to 4 working days, depends on your bank as well. Once refund completed you will be notified through email confirmation.

We, at Doctors Online App will not handling cash transaction towards your account.

Dispute Resolution:
Any dispute arising in relation to the terms and conditions of Doctors Online App will be addressed under the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 1940, and any applicable rules thereunder in Pakistan Courts.

No warranty:
No warranty, representation or guarantee, express or indirect, is given by Doctors Online App Ltd in respect of its services to the patient across Pakistan.

Our all payment are fully secured at Doctors Online App Ltd and monitored by a bank with secured compliance we agreed with, Doctors Online App Ltd shall not be liable for any failure or personal breach by making online payment to us or may be access by third-party doing this on or after your payment to Doctors Online App. We monitor our security check time to time and make sure that we are in fully compliance with our service provider within Pakistan.

Before making a payment to Doctors Online App and give your consent by clicking “Yes” it mean you are authorizing this payment to DOA for consultation with doctors. it would be considered for your acceptance for our terms and conditions.

Key Terms

Before making any payment to Doctors Online App, either its pay by online banking, intra transfer, Credit card, Debit card or Mobile wallets, customer make sure about any additional charges may apply. If they charge Doctors Online App have no concern with service provider charges.

In any case of making payment though debit/credit card, online banking to Doctors Online App if it’s being misused, theft or any kind of fraud, we have no control over such matters.

It is customer liabilities to make sure that all his credential we have must be updated including bank details and also make sure before making any appointment must have sufficient funds into his bank account.

Cancellation Policy:
Our customer who have made a payment for the consultation with doctors and made a mind that he want to cancel the appointment and customer can cancel the before 5 hours of due time in order to get full refund or if customer wants to reschedule the appointment customer must amend before 5 hours to start his appointment.

For any further information regarding our privacy or terms please write to us: or 1st Floor, Office No 13, VIP Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan

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