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Privacy Policy

  1. At Doctors Online App (DOA), we understand how much you value your personal information. We are well aware that your personal information should only be used in support constructive health care outcomes for you and improve your experience. This privacy notice tells you what to expect us to do with your personal information when you contact us or use one of our services. It applies to everyone who uses Doctors Online App, whether you:
    • are paying for DOA services for yourself
    • are receiving DOA services as a benefit through a third party
    • are getting DOA services because they are part of the PMC services offered by the doctors.
  2. Personal information is any information that can be used to identify a living person.
    • Our details
    • What does Doctors Online App use my personal information for?
    • How does Doctors Online App get my personal information?
    • Who does Doctors Online App share my personal information with?
    • Where is my data stored?
    • How long does Doctors Online App keep my personal information for?
    • What rights do I have over my personal information?
    • Contact us
    • Complaints

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    Our details

  3. Doctors Online App is responsible for keeping the personal information safe and making decisions about how it can be used. Our official name is Doctors Online App Limited and our registered office is at: 1st Floor, Office No 13, VIP Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  4. What does Doctors Online App use my personal information for?
  5. We use your personal information to:

    • provide you with Doctors Online App services
    • send you a text message requesting you to confirm your Doctors Online App account or to reset your username or password if necessary
    • administer our site, i.e. to allow you to log in and log out of your dashboard
    • inform you about any changes we made to this privacy notice or in our services
    • ensure that all content on Doctors Online App’s website & apps is updated and presented for you and allow you attracting features
    • help our customer support to address any queries you may have raise
    • get your personal feedback regarding the service you have received because this will help us to maintain our quality of service and maintain our high standard to provide our best service to you
    • make unknown data to help grow our services or provide other groups with attention towards our services, like PMC
    • increase longing demand for our services, look after our website and applications
    • assure the quality of services provided by Doctors Online App’s doctors and members of Doctors Online App staff is high quality
  6. Doctors Online App may use your medical information, so that we can offer you a related service. If you are paying for Doctors Online App services yourself or for someone else and we hold your medical data, you may also choose to allow us to use this for initial references from Doctors Online App.
  7. You can subscribe to our services through different options and this communication means that whatever our new features or services we added, you will be notified and if you don’t want to receive any notification from us you can de notify at any time.
  8. Collaboration and co-operate with PMC regulator authority in Pakistan.
  9. We may release the information to the government or court upon request under legal obligation.
  10. handle with any kind of disputes and legal claims, i.e. if you make a legal claim against one of our doctors.
  11. handling all kind of risk relating to public health correctly.
  12. If you get Doctors Online App services through hospital, what happens

  13. we will update your data through your account to our registered doctors privately, from hospital or from clinches in order to provide the best health advice.
  14. If you are paying for Doctors Online App services yourself, we may use your personal information to:

    • verify your identity
    • check your identity, reference, PMC registration and verify your details you have submitted before you get confirmation of approval from Doctors Online App if you do it online.
    • Prevent criminal activity and fraud
  15. Doctors Online App will also use your information which you may have provided for our payment about the service you get from us.
  16. In General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 6 set how to use personal data which we have to follow as:

    • health
    • sex life
    • sexual orientation;
    • racial or ethnic origin;
    • political views;
    • religious or ethical beliefs
  17. We must consider article 9 when we are using personal data. There are further rules that apply to information about criminal accusations and convictions. We use them very often, i.e. drug-related conviction or time in prison. Our procedure submits with Article 10 of the GDPR because it meets the condition set out in the Data Protection Act 2018, Schedule 1, Part 1, paragraph 2 (health or social care purposes).
  18. How does Doctors Online App get my personal information?

  19. While submitting your initial application, you have provided all basic informs which we may need and you have filled out electronically and it saves into our database in order to get access our services. When you provide your personal information to us, this will include:
    • search our apps or website
    • download our apps
    • create an account with Doctors Online App online
    • login to Doctors Online App
    • Select our packages which suits your business to get access our website or apps
    • Use compliance policy if any error on Doctor Online App’s website or Apps;
    • request marketing subscription from us
    • send your feedback
    • submit your review
  20. If you give your consent, Doctors Online App may use your data relating to your health with our health regulating authority to analyse health issues.
  21. We also collect technical data when you visit us, I.e. what device you are using to access Doctors Online App services.
  22. We automatically store your personal data through cookies, application data caches, server logs, browser web storage and other parallel tools. We get your location if you are using a computer, tablet or mobile phone that has GPS enabled in order to:
    • know where a patient is located
    • advise you where your nearest pharmacy is.

    You can stop us using your location information at any time by turning off the GPS setting in your device.

  23. If you get Doctors Online App services through our certified PMC Doctors, then we will access your personal and medical details and will store in your account for our doctor’s record. We will seek your consent prior before we do this.
  24. We access your account so that we can see your full medical record, purpose of offering better medical advice online through our platform. This means that we can see any information that your doctors suggested. This will include, your contact details and health information like family health history, past diagnoses, treatment suggested, medication, body measurements and any test results.
  25. If you get Doctors Online App services through hospital doctors, the medical record of your appointment (this will be any diagnosis or treatment prescribed by the doctor) will be stored in your medical record with your doctor so you can access it at any time.
  26. Doctors Online App’s Doctors sign in with the following information:

    • Patient’s name
    • Patient’s date of birth
    • Patient’s phone number, email
    • The start time, end time and duration of the Online Appointment
    • If Patient is unable to attend the Online Appointment
    • Cancelled appointments
    • Any patient feedback
    • Name [and DOA reference number] of the Doctors Online App’s doctors

    If you pay for Doctors Online App we may get details about you from the bank to help us process payments.

  27. What type of personal information Doctors Online App can use?
    • Your contact details and account details (These details you give us when you register and other profile information) This includes:
    • Your title
    • Your name
    • Your address
    • Your email address and phone number
    • Your username and password
    • Security questions to check your identity
    • Personal description provided by you
    • Any photograph provided by you
    • Your communication preferences
    • Any feedback provided by you
  28. The data is i.e. your gender, date of birth, nationality, marital status and family members
  29. This comprises:

    • Data submitted during booking your online appointments
    • Data you submit as part of using our services
    • Any details you have submitted to us about your health.
    • Description of your treatment, medical advice or any comments, Results of reports, i.e. laboratory tests and x-rays from Doctors Online App’s Doctors
    • DOA’s aim is to provide you a best platform to track your health and fitness activities.
    • This can be achieved through your contact details, relevant medical history if required and any emergency contact details.
    • Our communication with you

    Data about your use of the Doctors Online App’s app or website

    This comprises:

  30. This can be a computer, mobile phone or tablet to get access of our services.
  31. Your mobile / home / work internet browsers you use for our app or website and this could be your I.P. address.
  32. data kept on your mobile phone, tablet or computer that you may share with your Doctors Online App’s Doctors during your online appointment
  33. during your online video consultation with our doctors through using a computer, tablet or mobile phone and your location is on we will use your location for your personal information to:
  34. exactly know where our patient is based because in an emergency we can contact and can advise you about the outcome of your appointment and if medicine prescribed from where to collect.
  35. Doctors Online App’s Doctors work with us independently or on behalf of their hospitals or clinics from across Pakistan.
  36. Doctors Online App’s doctors are liable for keeping the privacy of your personal information. All of our doctors have to prove that they have completed PMC training in personal details handling before they start consulting with our patients.
  37. We may share your data with our partner businesses that help to manage Doctors Online App accounts i.e.-
    • Our IT providers, data storage services
    • Contractors who provide our telephone services
    • Suppliers of web hosting services
  38. Doctors Online App has examined all businesses and guaranteed that they will deal with your personal details correctly. We will not permit our partners to use your personal details for their own purposes unless we instruct them.
  39. Doctors Online App will not share any of your personal information unless it is required to do so by the government authorities or upon your advice. We will only share your personal information with your consent, anyone you have given as an emergency contact, i.e. your next of kin. You can get more information by contacting us at, 0330 5151517 or writing to us at Doctors Online App, 1st Floor, Office No 13, VIP Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan.
  40. If you pay for Doctors Online App services yourself

  41. We will share your details with your doctors and we will not share your information with anyone else.
  42. Our IT team will also use your details to make sure that your medical records are stored securely
  43. We may exchange your personal details with bank in regards to payments only to help us check your identity
  44. Where is my data stored?

  45. All the time your personal information stays within Pakistan.
  46. How long does Doctors Online App keep my personal information for?
    • For two years

    Other information

  47. We may hold your personal details that you submitted through online application for up to two years unless we are required to retain such information for any legal authority.
  48. Account information about individuals (i.e. your name, login details, summary details of the Doctors Online App’s services you have used, any complaints you have made about our service) who have accessed our services will be kept until two years after they last accessed the services or communicated with us, whichever is earlier.

    How does Doctors Online App keep my information secure?

  49. At Doctors Online App we take security and the secure storage of personal data seriously. We encrypt and store all personal data on secure servers using the latest technologies which are protected by several layers of security.
  50. When using the Doctors Online App’s app or website, all your personal data is transmitted through the internet using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology. SSL is an industry standard technology designed to prevent any third party from capturing and viewing your personal data while in transit.
  51. You are required to go through a two-step identity verification process to create your account. Access to your account is protected with a password that you create. You are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We strongly recommend that you do not disclose your password to anyone else and Doctors Online App will never ask you for your password at any cost (such as letters, phone calls, emails or text messages). Only you can reset your password using a two-step identity verification process.
  52. For further details, how we keep your data secure, please contact us at or contact our helpline on 0330 5151517
  53. Your right of access

  54. You can request us at any time for your copies of your personal details. To get access for a copy of your electronic medical records or what Doctors Online App holds yours data, please contact us at
  55. Your right to modification

  56. You can modify your personal details we may hold in our record at any time. This is your personal liability to keep your details up to date with Doctors Online App.
  57. Doctors Online App will not change or remove your medical records from our database for a certain time limit. The reason is that it is important that we hold a record of patients for doctors at the time they are treating you.
  58. Your right to withdraw consent

  59. If you think that your personal information must not be used for marketing purpose by the Doctors Online App’s app or website, you should do so by removing your consent from your account or you can do so by writing through email. You can withdraw your consent for marketing at any time. We will try reply your requests within two weeks. It may take longer if you have made a number of requests for the same reason.
  60. Contact us

  61. If you have any queries, and want to discuss further about your right and your personal details, you can write to our Data Protection Officer by email at
  62. Complaints

  63. You have the right to make a complaint if you have genuine concerns about Doctors Online App’s doctors. You can contact us at
  64. Updating this notice

  65. We may update this notice from time to time. If we plan to update the policy, we will let you know through the Doctors Online App website or the Doctors Online App. When you log on to your account we will also let you know if the notice has been updated since you last accessed Doctors Online App services. You should stop using our website and apps if you do not agree to any changes.
  66. Cookies

  67. When you visit Doctors Online App, we may place a small cookies text file into your computer or Device. These cookies help us to differentiate you from other users when you use our services. (a) ‘persistent cookies’ that stay in your computer until removed manually or automatically; and (b) ‘session cookies’ which continue on your computer until you close your browser.
  68. The cookies Doctors Online App uses could be:
  69. Essential cookies which are mandatory to operate our Platform and without this the Platform can’t run accurately.
  70. We can find out how many people have visited our site, what actions they have performed and for how long through these performance cookies. We can’t identify you through these cookies.
  71. Experience cookies allow the Platform to remember your selections, which means we can mark your experience of the Platform.
  72. Marketing cookies that track and record your visits at our Doctors Online App’s Platform. We share your details of what activities you have performed at our Platform that is stored by these cookies with our agents, other third party ad networks and this information can be used to promote products to you on other sites.
  73. Please note that third parties may also use cookies, which we can’t control. They are likely to be analytical/performance cookies or targeting cookies.
  74. You can reject cookies, by activating settings of your chosen browser(s). If you change your browser settings to reject cookies, your access to the Platform will be limited. You can also manage your preferences in the Cookie Settings section of our website.
  75. We also use cookies and similar technologies in some emails. They let us understand if you have opened an email and what you have done with it. We use these to improve our future email communications.
  76. Cookies may be set when you download, open or read an email from Doctors Online App If you have:
  77. arranged weak security settings on your device
  78. added Doctors Online App to your safe senders list
  79. enabled your device to automatically display images, or
  80. if you click on any link within the email.
  81. If you wouldn’t like this to happen, please disable automatic displaying of images, or remove us from your address book. Instead, you can set your browser to restrict or reject cookies.
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