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There are some most frequently asked questions for all Doctors Online App patients.

If you're aged 18 or over and have a valid CNIC Card of Pakistan, current home address and a mobile number, you can register and book a Doctors Online App appointment for a consultation. You need to provide a valid CNIC ID before you enter into a consultation. We also accept the following forms of photo ID:

  • CNIC Card
  • Passport

All of our registered doctors are trained and professionals and registered with the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC). This is the organisation that is accountable for the supervision of medical doctors in Pakistan. These are fully experienced in their field and handling a wide range of medical conditions, and these certified doctors help you over video consultation, as you see the doctor in the hospital face to face.

Once you create an account with the Doctors Online App, you can book an online appointment on our app, tablet, or website. The doctor will call you at your scheduled time and will discuss this with you in detail.

For a video appointment with Doctors Online App, you can attend on a mobile, tablet, or laptop with a good resolution camera and microphone and must have a strong internet connection.

You must show your valid CNIC photo ID, the ID you have registered with us before you enter into your consultation with Doctor.

If you have booked this consultation for someone else he /she must show his / her own identity before consultations.

In a consultation, the doctor will go through the Doctors Online App and will ask about your symptoms. It's a video consultation, the doctor can take a look at affected parts and will listen to you. The doctor can write a prescription if medication is needed for you to get better.

They can only be seen along with their guardian and their guardian can only book under their own ID only. You must provide CNIC of a child who is under 18 years of age before taking consultation

If you are using the Doctors Online App service before and have full confidence in your doctor and you think that your doctor knows your full medical history and you can get a consultation with your doctor as long as you have a booking in place. We strongly recommend that in case of emergency you must consult with local doctors if you are outside or in the country. The emergency no is 1122 or 911

In any case, if you miss your scheduled appointment, please keep in touch with our support team at Please note, once you have paid for a consultation, you will be entitled to a refund 5 hours before your appointment. If you think you are unable to attend this appointment, you must cancel your appointment 5 hours before the start time to get a full refund or reschedule your appointment with the same fees. If you are unable to attend or giving us less than 5 hours, you will not be able to get a refund at all.

If you are unable to attend your appointment at the scheduled time, then you have to wait for doctors in a waiting queue minimum of 2 hours and when a doctor is available will consult with you immediately. If you are late for an hour, your appointment will no longer be available. Please keep in touch with our team to discuss your next options at If you are unable to keep the appointment then you will not be entitled to a refund.

If your appointment is dislocated due to the internet, you must be patient and your doctor will consult with you. If you have an internet issue, please keep in touch with our team at

The Doctors Online App will facilitate you through an online video consultation service. If it’s mandatory and something is serious then the doctor will advise you to consult your local qualified doctor.

When you have been checked by our registered doctor through video call, whatever doctor will advise you if you need any medication, the doctor will write a prescription for you. This prescription will be saved into your registered account. You can get your medicine by showing this prescription to the pharmacist.

You need to create your own account in order to get a consultation with our registered doctors. In case, if you have no facility for using the internet or digital device, you can share someone else's account but you need to share your CNIC ID Card to verify your identity who is going to get a consultation. We prefer that over 18 years of old have their own account but they can share someone else's device. In an exceptional case, we will allow this but not repeatedly.

Yes, your meeting with the doctor is totally private and confidential, it would be the same as you are meeting a doctor in-hospital room. It is secure with SSL technology encrypting and protecting all information conducted over our Doctors Online App platform.

In any case, if you didn’t receive the service you was expected at the Doctors Online App platform, we’re regularly monitoring our service to give the best and hassle-free service to our reputed patients. We need your feedback In order to keep refining our service as much as we can. In such scenarios, if you wish to leave your feedback, please contact us at

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