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About Us

Our Story

We have decided in 2018 to introduce UK-NHS model services in Pakistan's healthcare system where all Pakistanis can get high quality of medical consultation without going somewhere.

We have launched Doctors Online App in Pakistan to provide our expertise in this field. We have vast experience in healthcare department and similarly, we are running successfully our other project in the UK. Our background is a very rich and diverse as an entrepreneur very versatile in Legal, Accounts, Automotive Classified Advertising Vehicles, Real Estate (Property Portal) and Medical Departments.

Who we are

We initially started our project as an Automotive Classified advertising business. It focuses on new and used automotive sales, as well as any vehicles sold by private sellers and dealers across the United Kingdom.

For millions of people, the Doctors Online App is trusted and familiar, where they know they’ll find a healing through best medical consultation. It connects them with everything they need to take good care of themselves and their family – assessing health issues, finding the best doctor, booking diagnostic tests, obtaining medicines, storing health records, or learning new ways to become healthier.

Most medical specialists are working constantly with Doctors Online App to provide to provide online medical consultation through their registered about your wellbeing needs. We help you flawlessly get to human services specialists at a solitary snap, empowering you to settle on better medicinal services choices.

Our Mission

Covid-19 has changed whole world and the way world is shaken squeezed and our Doctors Online App's portal services gives more confidence to patients and doctors how to enhance their work through video consultation.

Doctors Online App’s main purpose is to provide a platform to all individuals and group of medical expert doctors to generate their income with their choice and freedom wherever they are.

This innovation-driven stage empowers patients to locate the best medical specialists, empowering auspicious treatment and diminishing variables, for example, detachment because of the absence of specialists. The booking and arrangement process is genuinely simple where you are just required to login to our site and enter obligatory fields expressing the claim to fame or the specialist’s name, the city and, the doctor’s facility that will be helpful for you.

Our Vision

Secure your family with Doctors Online App, for many individuals, we are trusted and well-known whom where they know they’ll find a recuperating touch. It interfaces them with all that they have to take great care of themselves and their family – surveying medical problems, finding the correct specialist, booking symptomatic tests, acquiring drugs, putting away well-being records, or adapting better approaches to live more beneficial.

Doctors Online App is trusted as medical leading expert platform providing remote video consultations with perfect clinical governance in place to make sure high quality clinical outcomes

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